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Our Ethos
As far back to the first dynasty Egyptian Horus god 2925 to 2775 BCE to modern times the power of positive thinking, manifestations and realizing that anything is possible is even more prominent in todays world. Through cosmetics & fashion we aim to promote this powerful message hence fusing luxury & meaning.
Luxury Candle made from soy wax
Med Fusion Luxury Candle
Our Med Fusion luxury candle is an environmentally friendly candle made from soy wax with a wooden wick. Its beautiful fragrance will fill your home with a wonderful middle eastern aroma, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The soya wax ensures a clean burn and an even flame, giving you the perfect candle for any occasion. With its luxury feel, the Med Fusion candle is sure to make a statement.
Scent Notes - Pomegranate, Spiced , Middle Eastern
Scent Description  - Aromatic & Soothing
Made In The UK  - Poured & hand Finished
Single Wick  - For A Long Even Burn Scent
Luxury Candle
Meditation Candle
Luxury Candle
Luxury Candle
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