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Luxury Candle
Med Fusion Luxury Candle
Our Med Fusion luxury candle is an environmentally friendly candle made from soy wax with a wooden wick. Its beautiful fragrance will fill your home with a wonderful middle eastern aroma, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

The soya wax ensures a clean burn and an even flame, giving you the perfect candle for any occasion. With its luxury feel, the Med Fusion candle is sure to make a statement.
Scent Notes - Pomegranate, Spiced , Middle Eastern
Scent Description  - Aromatic & Soothing
Made In The UK  - Poured & hand Finished
Wooden Wick  - For A Long Even Burn Scent
'' Experience the Middle East with our luxurious Med Fusion candle! This beautiful fragrance combines sweet spices, woody notes, and floral aromas to create a unique scent that will transport you to an exotic oasis. ''
The Perfect Gift
luxury candles
'' The perfect combination of exotic scents make this candle a great gift for any occasion, and will bring a unique, luxurious ambience to any room. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a truly special experience with our Med Fusion candle. ''
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